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Welcome to the Umberson Family Genealogy Project! is a new genealogy site dedicated August 7th, 2015 to the Umberson family descendants and our ancestors. Check back periodically, we're populating the family tree as fast as possible and we'd appreciate your participation.

The site is administered by Gary Umberson Sande and Brian W. Umberson - grandchildren of Marvin Albert Umberson and Velma Strong Umberson, great-grandchildren of George W. Umberson, born 1878. Our main root ancestor is Jerome G. Umberson, born ~1810, with his two marriages and 10 children--whom all of the present day known Umberson's stem from.

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This family tree was last updated on November 9, 2020. There are 179 surnames in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of William Tabor in 1761. The most recent event is the death of Private in 2020.

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Interactive tree of Jerome George Umberson Sr.
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Interactive tree of Jerome George Umberson Sr.

William Thomas Riddle “Billy” Umberson 18671932
Ola Edna Chatham 18741947
Smith Elnathan1 Umberson 18691940
Lula Delma Horn 18751952
Mary Ophelia “Mollie” Umberson 18721935
William Thomas Garrett 18651945
John O. src?: Umberson
Joshua Julius O. “Frank 18731912
Matty Barbara Smith 18811975
Ollie Delilah Umberson 18771966
John R. McIlhaney 18731949
Thomas R. Bousman 18581934
Emma Florence Umberson 18791888
Richard Rufus Umberson 18811889
Edward Brown Umberson 18861888
William Franklin Umberson 18371898
Ann Ophelia (Westmoreland) Neal Umberson 18431875
Mary Jane “Elizabeth” (Singleton) McDonald Presnall Umberson 18441922
Amanda F. Umberson 18441880
William T. Tabor
Sallie Emma
Sarah Jane Umberson 18421876
William A. Goza
Carol Annie Umberson 18461870
G.W. Messer
Rufus W. Umberson 1840
George Washington Umberson 18781951
Julia Phelina Burgess 18861912
Nettie Lee (Holland) Brogdon Umberson 18881978
Safronia “Fronia, Feroni, Lefronia” Umberson 1880
Guilford Layfette “Milt, Gift” Milton
Charles William “Willy, Will” Umberson 18821931
Ethel D. Buford 18881972
Nettie May (Umberson) Middlebrooks 18841964
Atticus Floyd Middlebrooks 18771947
Unnamed baby Umberson 18771877
Jerome George Umberson 18541888
Orpha Ann Savanna (Kiker) Umberson Hunt 18591941
John Wesley1 Umberson 1866
Susan M. E.
Marvin Bennie Umberson 18951965
Sudie Mae (Sheets) Umberson 18952004
Wilbur Edgar Umberson 1897
Mamie Zora (Umberson) Hallobaugh 1898
Lona Irene or Inez Umberson Childers or Childress 1898
Bartly Umberson 1902
Roy Wilson Umberson 1905
John Wesley2 Umberson Sr. 19081973
Margaret D. “AddieDonhom 19071998
Benjamin McCullouch Umberson 18611933
Brazzie Zora Hattie Josephine Penn 18731908
May McCoy
Swela “Sudie or Malinda” Umberson 1863
John [Arthur or William] Umberson 18661911
Susie Nix
Jerome George Umberson Sr. 18001868
Elizabeth Umberson 18141889
Nancie Jane Holding 18341921
Edward Kellum 1863
Karenhappuch “Happy” Tabor 17951869
William Tabor 17611844
Susanna Tabor 17611852
J.W. Holding
Susan James
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